Integrated Project Delivery – A different contracting methodology

Integrated Project Delivery A different contracting methodology Fuelled by the pressure to reduce waste and improve efficiency, project owners are looking at ways to manage and structure their projects more effectively. A report released by PwC highlights this by stating that contractors and suppliers fault the misalignment of incentives [...]

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Barcodes vs RFID

Barcodes vs RFID Tracking Technologies for the Oil, Gas and Mining industry. Want to get a better handle on tracking your tools, plant and equipment, materials, PPE, etc? Not entirely sure which tracking technology to use? Let us shed some light on the differences and take a closer look at [...]

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On-site timesheet solution for the resource sector

On-site timesheet solution for the resource sector We are proud to announce the latest product in our tracking family: ‘Timesheet and Progress'. Timesheet and Progress is a timesheet and activity tracking solution tailored to Supervisors working on large construction projects in the mining and resource industry. Simply put - [...]

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Website Update!

Website Update!!! We are excited to announce that our new website is up, ready and waiting for your next visit. So why visit… Well, for starters if you are an energy, resources or asset intensive business, or help these kinds of companies with construction, shutdown or ongoing maintenance activities we [...]

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Still Using Spreadsheets?

Still Using Spreadsheets? When it comes to calculating data, you won’t find a more robust solution than spreadsheets, but when it comes to providing visibility and control, they can be difficult to manage. Instead of mind-blurring columns, rows, text and numbers, you need visual indicators so at the glance of [...]

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Missing Materials, Projects Delayed?

Missing Materials, Projects Delayed? Are missing materials causing your projects to be delayed? Is time being wasted while people look for lost materials? Are you over budget due to parts needing to be ordered or re ordered at short notice? When you are responsible for making sure that the assets, [...]

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Asset Tracking from the Sky

Asset Tracking from the Sky Drone/UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology is a rapidly moving space and Track’em is pleased to announce that it has combined this technology to create a new aspect to its world class asset tracking solution. Track’em has successfully trialed a custom UAV equipped with an Active [...]

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Track’em Pitching with Microsoft Big Hitters

Pitching with Big Microsoft Hitters Track'em was invited to be a keynote speaker at the recent Global Microsoft Inspire event in Washington DC. In front of 18,000 people and hundreds of thousands more via a live stream, Track’em CEO Kashif Saleem and Ertech Chairman Gavin Miller talked about the asset [...]

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