Materials API

We're proud to announce the first version of the Track'em API! We're working diligently to make integration with other systems easier to improve the flow of data and information.

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10 steps for implementing a Materials Tracking System

A construction project cannot make a lot of progress without construction materials. Whether you are installing a pipeline or building a skyscraper, materials are the building blocks of development and generally account for a significant amount of the project costs. Implementing a system to track these materials is no easy task. In this article, we outline the high-level steps you need consider to take control of your material handling processes and implement a materials tracking system that is driven by data captured in the field.

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Materials Tracking Software – New Release

We're proud to announce a new release of our Materials Tracking software. This major release includes many new and improved features – based on years of field experience and customer feedback – that allow users to manage their construction materials across the supply chain even better. Besides the impressive catalogue of functionalities, the new release also includes a refreshed and more intuitive user interface.

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Integrated Project Delivery – A different contracting methodology

Integrated Project Delivery A different contracting methodology Fuelled by the pressure to reduce waste and improve efficiency, project owners are looking at ways to manage and structure their projects more effectively. A report released by PwC highlights this by stating that contractors and suppliers fault the misalignment of incentives [...]

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Barcodes vs RFID

Barcodes vs RFID Tracking Technologies for the Oil, Gas and Mining industry. Want to get a better handle on tracking your tools, plant and equipment, materials, PPE, etc? Not entirely sure which tracking technology to use? Let us shed some light on the differences and take a closer look at [...]

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On-site timesheet solution for the resource sector

On-site timesheet solution for the resource sector We are proud to announce the latest product in our tracking family: ‘Timesheet and Progress'. Timesheet and Progress is a timesheet and activity tracking solution tailored to Supervisors working on large construction projects in the mining and resource industry. Simply put - [...]

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Website Update!

Website Update!!! We are excited to announce that our new website is up, ready and waiting for your next visit. So why visit… Well, for starters if you are an energy, resources or asset intensive business, or help these kinds of companies with construction, shutdown or ongoing maintenance activities we [...]

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