On-site timesheet solution for the resource sector

We are proud to announce the latest product in our tracking family: ‘Timesheet and Progress’.

Timesheet and Progress is a timesheet and activity tracking solution tailored to Supervisors working on large construction projects in the mining and resource industry. Simply put – it makes managing timesheets and the approval process between client, contractor and blue collar real easy.

Timesheet and progress

Existing timesheet solutions often don’t quite cut it for larger site-based projects. There are two main reasons for this:

  • they assume that all blue collar workers are doing their own timesheets; and
  • they assume that end users have access to a screen.

On site, workers and tradesmen are often not allowed to carry smartphones, nor do they have access to a computer. This makes logging their hours digitally somewhat of a challenge. Consequently, a pattern of scribbling hours on the back of cigarette packets, envelopes and tradie notebooks emerges. Scribbles that are then handed off by the Supervisor to an Admin person who deciphers them, translates the data into spreadsheets, sends it off by email to be printed and signed by the Approvers, and hopes they don’t get rejected.

Typically, the process can look something like this (fig 1.).

Typical timesheet approval process

Figure 1: A typical timesheet approval process.

Spend more time on the tools. Spend less time managing time.

We took it on us to make the whole process a lot simpler and have developed a solution that is built specifically for the energy and resources industry and site based projects.

  • Manage timesheets, work orders, activities and people.

  • Import data from schedulers and planners. Pre-populate your crew and the planned activities before the day even begins.

  • Pre-populated timesheets can be printed out and taken into the field for completion where there is no access to screens on intrinsically safe sites.

  • Working with the same crew on the same job? Copy a previous timesheet and you’re done.

Supervisors are guaranteed to spend more time on the tools and less time on unproductive administration work.

Handling approvals and rejections in a matter of minutes

Larger projects, such as shutdowns and turnarounds, have at least 1,000 timesheets that get submitted for approval every day. If timesheets are lodged incorrectly, they are rejected; triggering a longwinded process of administrative tasks relaying information back and forth between Client, Contractor and Field Supervisors.

With our Timesheets and Progress module, we’ve digitised the process making it a lot simpler.

  • Approvers automatically get notified when a timesheet is ready for approval.

  • Approvers can approve or reject a timesheet with the click of a button, pushing a time sheet up or down the approval chain.

  • When a rejected time sheet is sent back, changes can be made instantly and resubmitted for approval.

  • Integrating with ERP and Payroll system further prevents double-inputting data.

Timesheet approvals

Reduce the entire timesheet process from days to just minutes.

Process Reporting on Activity Level

With most timesheet software you can allocate hours to work orders. We take it one step further and enable you to split out work orders to individual activities. Any variation hours that may occur on these activities can also be lodged. Categorisation down to the activity level is extremely beneficial for project and task management. It provides valuable insight on the progress of work on activity level and helps identifying the root cause of delays.

Below is an example of what this could look like.

Schedule, work orders and activities

Figure 2: Split between schedules, work orders and activities.

Easy to implement

The Timesheet and Progress Tracking module is made specifically for large projects in the energy and resource industry and is tailored to their unique challenges. Besides guaranteeing you savings on your timesheet handling processes, it is very easy to implement and use.

In fact, we have successfully implemented and trained a world leading energy service provider within 24 hours - amazing the client.

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