Asset Tracking and Optimisation

Plant and Equipment Tracking

Imagine if you’d always know the location and status of your Plant and Equipment, Tools and PPE. With the information in the palm of your hand.

Plant Equipment tracking

Misplaced equipment is a thing of the past. And so is manually logging inspections and usage.

We’ll make sure you’re always up-to-date on the location, status, custodian and condition of all your assets on site and off site.

All your latest asset information available to you. Instantly.

Label and scan using your phone or scanner and get the latest information.

  • Get asset information such as name, manufacturer, model number, available quantity, etc.

  • Obtain technical asset details and allowed limits.

  • See who’s checked in and checked out an asset. Who is the current custodian?

  • Check the location and movements of your equipment.

  • Check the status and obtain inspection details and dates. Get notified when inspections are due.

  • Get full insight on running times, mileage, engine hours and usage of plant and equipment.

  • Full asset configuration available. We’ll help you set it up to your requirements.

Plant and equipment overview

There’s only one truth. An asset can only be where it was last left, by someone, in some condition.

Rely on a single system and access it using any device to get the latest updates on all of your equipment.

Plant & Equipment Tracking Solutions
Track'em Multiple Device Overview-small

Maintenance, capital inspections & pre-starts finally feel organised.

Simplify safety and compliance with mobile forms, notifications and dashboards. Easy reporting tools give you control over processes.

  • Never allow usage of overworked or damaged assets.

  • Setup triggers and rules for inspections and usage of equipment.

  • Send and receive notifications on completed or overdue inspections.

  • Attached inspection documents and/or photos to your assets.

  • Disallow check out and usage of unchecked equipment and get notified when an attempt is made.

  • Lodge quarterly checks on tools and equipment.

  • Generate reports and get insight on equipment status.

Losing things sucks. Getting blamed for something lost by
someone else is just plain insulting.

Keep track of expensive, owned or leased plant and equipment. Take control and be confident about the status, location and custodian of your assets on site and off site.

Location. Location. Location.
Live tracking of mobile assets.

Easily keep track of expensive mobile equipment (e.g. elevated work platforms, lighting towers, vehicles and other mobile equipment) with map views of location, geo-fences and smart notifications.

  • See the location of your plant and equipment in real-time.

  • Automatically update mileage and usage through location data.

  • Automatically update the location of assets when they enter an area.

  • Plot the route taken by assets and automatically track distance and maintenance requirements.

  • Get notified when something moves to a location where it shouldn’t be.

  • Transfer assets between custodians, locations and groups.

Route tracking heatmap
Rotable spares bucket

Get your rotable spares organised and under control.

Maintain visibility, lower costs, reduce administration overhead and avoid waste. Keep your warehouse, maintenance and refurbishment partners on the same page with a single view of the status and location of rotable spares.

  • Be informed of required maintenance.

  • Know the condition of spare parts.

  • Be informed and automatically take into account lead times.

  • Manage and integrate with logistic partners and give everyone access to the same information.

  • Know when to acquire replacement parts and scrap repairables.

  • Forecast, report and act with certainty by making data-driven decisions.

Stores management. Check it in, check it out.

Manage consumables, tools and reduce wastage of PPE. Digitise your check-in and check-out processes. Easily generate reports and monitor min/max levels and make sure your stores run without delays and queues.
Stores and progress
Transaction history audit trail

Take away the blame game with an automated audit trail.

  • Always know where equipment is and who the last custodian was.

  • See all historical transactions of your assets and equipment.

  • Legal Chain of Custody requirements are automatically taken care of.

  • Feel confident that you have access to the latest information of all of your plant and equipment, tools and PPE.

The advantages of Track’em are the time saved, the security of knowing that the product works and that you have a full handle of day to day material – ‘it saves time and money’.

Neil Tregae, Fortescue Metals Group

Track'em multiple devices

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