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Track everything

Track’em is a platform for you to track the location, status, condition, custody and history of every resource you need to get your construction, shutdown, turnaround and maintenance work done on time and budget.

Materials Tracking Solutions

Materials tracking

Free issue or procured, from fabrication to installation at the work-front, keep your finger on the pulse of the critical path to scheduling and work pack completion.

Digitise your project requisitions, materials movements, receipting, laydown yard management, stocktake and supplier tracking.

Use notifications and reports to stay ahead of issues that can delay your schedule and make your team unproductive.

Time tracking

Avoid the chaos, inaccuracy, delays, duplicate work and administrative overheads that come with relying on paper forms and spreadsheets to capture time sheet data.

Get operational insights on non productive time to drive workforce efficiency.

Time Tracking Solutions
Plant & Equipment Tracking Solutions

Plant & equipment tracking

Avoid losing track of expensive leased or owned equipment needed to get your work done.

Make it easy to conduct inspections, pre-starts and maintenance activities with mobile forms that work offline.

Provide your team with access to certifications and manuals in the field.

Tools, PPE & consumables tracking

Never run out of essentials by automating the monitoring of min/max levels and notifications for reordering.

Speed up distribution and shorten queues in your stores by streamlining the check in and check out of tools and issuing of consumables.

Keep track of mobile stores including containers as they move from project to project and location to location.

Stores Tracking Solutions
Assets maintenance

Asset maintenance tracking

Save time by giving your workforce access to historical information and key documents about the assets they are maintaining in the field.

Use mobile forms to do inspection and maintenance work more efficiently in the field.

Avoid the duplication of effort and data entry errors that come from using paper forms.


Visualise your progress and risks with our patented BIM Integration, making it faster and easier for your team to access and act on progress updates from the field.

Move from multiple spreadsheets to a 3D single source of truth that provides a consolidated and intuitive view of project status and risks.

Communicate and collaborate more intuitively and effectively with all of your stakeholders.

BIM Tracking Solutions
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