BIM Integration

Track the construction status of individual components in your BIM model.

BIM Tracking Solutions

Your BIM model comes to life with real-time status updates.

Virtual meets the real-world. Track components and individual parts as they go through the various stages from production to instalment.
Get a visual representation of the status in your BIM model.

Tracking completion process using your BIM models.

Visualise your progress and risks with our patented BIM Integration. Make it faster and easier for your team to access and act on progress updates from the field.

Move from multiple spreadsheets to a 3D single source of truth that provides a consolidated and intuitive view of project status and risks.

Communicate and collaborate more intuitively and effectively with all of your stakeholders.

Your production process has never felt more alive. Identify process issues, delays and construction bottlenecks early on and be notified on development deviations.

3D BIM model
Bim Status

Link real world materials to your BIM components.

Track’em links real world production materials to individual parts in your BIM. As soon as a part is scanned in the production chain, the status in the BIM model is updated immediately and can be visualised with different (status-driven) colours. This gives full insight on factory ready materials, arrivals on location, and assembled and installed components.

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