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Materials Tracking

Tired of spreadsheets, handwritten notes and
not knowing the exact location of your materials?
We’ve got you covered.

Materials Tracking

Over 40 million items tracked in
engineering and construction projects.

We’ll make sure you’re always up-to-date on the location, status, ownership and condition of your materials.


Be confident your materials are where they should be.

Stay ahead of issues that could delay your schedule.

  • Reduce cost of expediting and improve your schedule management.

  • Increase visibility on material location and stocktake.

  • Have up-to-date insight on the status and condition of materials.

  • Track materials from supplier to site and everywhere in between.

  • Immediate visibility on delivery discrepancies, damaged and short items.

  • No more wasting time looking for something that isn’t there.

Materials tracking dashboard

Barcode and Qr Code scanning

Point and scan. We’ll do the rest.

Build a reputation for efficiency and control by managing expectations and staying ahead of challenges.

  • View or update the status of materials by simply scanning labels using handhelds or smartphones.

  • Use the app or desktop software to search for materials.

  • Any tracking technology is supported. Whether it’s barcodes, GPS or RFID. We can work with it.

  • Print barcode labels yourself. Or let us provide you with the tags/chips required for auto-tagging.

Stop looking for misplaced or unavailable materials.

Avoid wastage of time for unavailable materials and keep track of requisitioned & issued materials.

Plant & Equipment Tracking Solutions
Laydown yard small

Receipt, requisition and re-order on time.

  • Digitise your stocktakes, requisitions, materials movement, receipting, laydown yard management and supplier tracking.

  • See the latest information on device (computer, tablet, mobile).

  • Up-to-date data, anywhere.

  • Label and scan, let Track’em do the rest.

  • Add min and max values and place re-orders in time.

No one likes paperwork. We take that away. Completely.

Who still knows how to wield a pen? Digitise stock takes and laydown yard management to reduce administration costs and materials loss. Use scanners, barcodes, GPS, RFID to check in/out and monitor your materials.

Online, offline and on-site. You’re in control.

  • Define roles and rules and set limitations for work pack orders.

  • Bulk processing of materials.

  • Add documents and inspection templates.

  • A clear audit trail boosts confidence in the chain of custody.

  • Single source of data control.

  • Automated reporting.

Control your assets and materials
Route tracking heatmap

See it on a map. Make sure it never leaves the map.

  • Track materials in real-time.

  • Check the location of the latest status change of your materials.

  • Group materials together to track them together (i.e. in a container).

  • Geofence locations. Automatically change status/location of materials when they move location and/or get notified on run-aways.

  • Plot the route taken by materials and automatically track distance and maintenance requirements.

Track’em puts ‘control’ back into materials control.

Kevin Donaghy, UGL

Track'em multiple devices

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