Materials Management and Tracking Software for capital intensive construction projects

Track’em Materials provides project-wide visibility of construction materials and parts and digitises critical material handling processes. Designed specifically for large construction, mining, oil and gas projects, it increases productivity and decreases project delays.

Materials tracking and management gives stakeholders visibility across the supply chain: from fabrication, to installation, to maintenance. This makes construction and maintenance planning easier while interruptions caused by unavailable materials are flagged pro-actively.

Equip your teams and contractors with a powerful tool to manage materials effectively. The materials management platform logs every transaction and provides you with analytics that helps identify inefficiencies and areas for process improvement.

Features That Matter

From years of experience in materials tracking and control

Have continuous insight into the status, location and custodian of all your parts at any part in the construction process.

Stay on top of your inventory levels and delivery dates across the supply chain. Easily scan and update items.

Manage multiple projects, sites, schedules gates, locations and stakeholders.

Accessible anywhere, on various devices. Also facilitates remote syncing and availability.


Use various technologies (barcodes, RFID, GPS, etc) to efficiently identify and track items.


Fabrication tracking. Shipment Tracking. Stage tracking. Gate tracking. Warehouse and laydown yard management.

Locate items on a map. Accurate enough to manage laydown yard placements and on-site movements.

Heatmaps identify high traffic areas. Create geo-fences and update items when virtual boundaries are crossed.

Be on top of maintenance schedules and inspections and have all relevant information and documentation at hand.

Use the Track’em Materials app to perform inspections in the field. Fill out checklists, reports and attach photos.


Visualise, report and share data with stakeholders to track progress, delays and deviations.


Setup triggers and alerts on inventory levels, progress deviations and upcoming inspections.

Material information at the tips of your gloves

Trackem materials app home screen

Scan and update your materials

Construction Materials Laydown Yard
Zebra Scanner Materials Home

Use the Track’em Materials Tracking app to scan barcodes and QR-codes. Give any stakeholder in the supply chain permission-based access allowing them to quickly identify a part or component and update its status. Conveniently available for Android and iOS, you can use it on your smartphone, or on (intrinsically safe) scanners.

Track’em puts ‘control’ back into materials control.

– Kevin Donaghy, UGL –

Trackem Materials App Scanning Rail

Over, Short or Damaged?

Create over, short and damage reports using the app or desktop software. Simply scan or add the parts and select which OSD report you want to lodge. Add any photos and describing commentary, and assign the report to the responsible individual and track the status until it’s resolved.

  • Submit Over, Short or Damage (OSD) reports from the app.

  • Print OSD reports using structured templates.

  • Add supporting images as proof.

  • Add describing comments and assign a custodian.

  • Tracks the status of your OSD reports.

Trackem Materials App Lodge OSD

Materials Tracking across the supply chain

Track’em digitises materials management processes such as stock takes, delivery schedules, QA/QC, receipting and requisitioning, transfer requests. etc. It tracks inventory levels and shipments at any stage in the supply chain and will help you locate your materials and parts wherever they are. Track’em logs every interaction so you have a full history and audit trail of all touchpoints and individuals involved.

Online, offline and on-site. You’re in control.

  • Cloud-based setup, with access to real-time data.

  • Manage multiple projects, sites, and locations.

  • No connectivity? No problem! Track’em Materials also works offline in the most remote of locations.

  • Provide project controls and subcontractors with tools that deliver an accurate picture of when materials will be available for construction.

  • Track your materials across the globe.

Trackem Materials Desktop Main Grid
Group and Splitting Piping

Split, Group, Bulk Fab, Procured vs Free Issued. We’ve got that covered.

  • Group materials and track them together while maintaining a record of each component’s history.

  • Split parts into separate items, while maintaining a record of origin.

  • Clearly distinguish between (bulk) fabrication and materials items.

  • Manage free issue (FIM) and procured materials.

Rules of Credit

Manage your Rules of Credit and stay on top of your earned value. Set the gates with their respective weights and progress materials through the activities for complete performance measurement.

Rules of Credit

Over 40 million items tracked in
engineering and construction projects.

We’ll make sure you’re always up-to-date on the location, status, ownership and condition of your materials.


Make sure all components are maintained and inspected on time. Track’em Materials will send reminders notifying you of required maintenance activities. Use the app to perform inspections in the field.


Control and improve your schedules by accessing up-to-date availability of materials. Monitor usage and construction progress, manage rules of credit, and identify bottlenecks pro-actively.

Tracking Technology

Track’em connects with any tracking technology used to identify items (GPS, barcodes, RFID, Bluetooth, etc). Set up the tracking hardware most suited to your requirements, or integrate with your existing solutions.

Audit Trail

Track every part and component back to its original source, whilst having a full historical trail of every change in status, location, custodian & condition.

Mapping technology.

Locate items on a map. Accurate enough to manage laydown yard placements and on-site movements. Advanced geo-fencing technology also allows you to automatically update items as they cross virtual boundaries.

  • Geofence locations. Automatically change the status/location of materials when they move location and/or get notified on run-aways.

  • Add heatmaps to showcase high movement areas.

  • Add overlays or your own imagery representing the latest changes on the site.

  • Plot the route taken by materials and automatically track distance and maintenance requirements.

Route Tracking Heatmap
Materials Transfer Requests

Manage materials requests.

Lodge transfer request documents and pick lists to move parts and materials through the various stages of the construction and maintenance cycle.

  • Picklists.
  • Requests for install.

  • Transfer requests.

  • Inspection requests.

  • Materials movement tickets.

  • Requests for transport.

  • Print lists.

BIM Integration

Enrich your BIM models with a digital twin of construction progress and component status based on information from the field. Give engineers real-time visibility on progress without having to be physically present on-site.

BIM Integration with Materials Tracking Software

Track'em multiple devices

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