Workforce Tracking and Optimisation

Timesheet and Progress Tracking Solution

Timesheet management and Progress tracking for the resource and construction industry.
Made real simple.

Time and Progress Tracking

Don’t lose time when managing time.

Designed specifically for supervisors to control time where it matters most.
Better visibility means better planning, better forecasting and data-driven decision making.

Who is doing what, when and where?

Digitise manual processes and reduce double recording via spreadsheets. Accurate and transparent data capture ensures that supervisors are spending more time on the field rather than processing administrative tasks.

  • Digitise time management on construction sites.

  • Manage schedules and approvals for workforce activities.

  • Have up-to-date information on the progress of projects and individual tasks.

  • Allocate roles and set authorisation for work orders, approvals and reports.

  • Make it real easy for contractors and employees to lodge their timesheets.

  • Get the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

Timesheet creation

We’ve been in the trenches, and seen all the scribbles.

Avoid incorrect and outdated time sheets. Make managing hours a job that takes seconds.

Timesheet approvals
Schedules, work orders and time sheets

Manage work orders and activities.

Plan the day, pre-populate activity and easily update variations based on hours needed in each activity.

  • Manage start, finish, travel, break and toolbox times.

  • Lodge, schedule and oversee individual and team operations.

  • Assign people to activities and track time and progress.

  • Manage work orders and activities.

  • Add scope variations and time required.

Get rid of data pollution that’s troubling supervisors and makes workers getting under- or overpaid.

Go paperless or near paperless. Get insight at any time. Integrate with payroll. Simply reduce the hassle of time tracking.

Timesheets and Approvals.

Client-contractor communication is streamlined through digital approvals of daily generated timesheets. Process flow validation ensures data integrity, which is used accurately to produce configured reports of billing and payroll.

  • Create schedules and manage timesheets.

  • Approve, reject and print timesheets in minutes.

  • Automated notification for required approvals.

  • Implement a two-step approval process.

  • Allocate and get insight on time and activities.

  • Track time history.

Approved time sheet
Time tracking dashboard

Reports, insight and (historical) performance.

Record accurate variations on an activity level rather than on work order level. This shows the reasons and time of variations, which identifies delays and patterns in recurring delays. Enhanced visibility promotes better planning, forecasting and data-driven decisions.

  • Insight on slippage and variation hours.

  • Clear overview of time spent on activities, work orders and projects.

  • Check the completed percentage of tasks, projects, activities and work orders.

Track’em’s understanding of the project and our work process made for an
‘extremely successful management system’ with reporting available in remote areas.

J. Jones, Site Engineer – John Holland

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