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Gain visibility, maintain control and drive efficiency of construction, shutdowns and maintenance.

Gain visibility

Provide your team and your stakeholders one source of truth about the location, status, condition, custody and history of every resource you need to get the job done.

Get control

Digitise your project execution with mobile apps and online reports to create accurate and up-to-date insights that build credibility and trust with your clients and partners.

Drive efficiency

Replace your spreadsheets, paper forms and manual processes with a modern platform to improve your productivity, achieve your schedules and demonstrate your innovation.

Asset and Materials Tracking
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Track everything you need to get the job done


Experience the benefits of using Track’em

Achieve your schedule

Increase visibility of materials supply to mitigate project risks and proactively manage your schedule.

Stay in control

Build a reputation for efficiency and control by using the visibility that Track’em provides to manage expectations and stay ahead of challenges.

Be productive

Increase visibility of materials location and custody to avoid work front delays caused by lost materials.

Save money

Avoid the waste, costs and explanations that come with having to reorder or repair lost or misplaced materials, tools or equipment.

Increase accuracy of reporting

Use mobile apps and tracking technology to monitor your project status and transform reporting accuracy.

Reduce project support and administration costs

Replace paper forms, manual processes and spreadsheets with digital tools that dramatically reduce administrative overheads.

Benefits of Track'em

Built to work for contractors, EPC/M’s and owners

Built to work onsite

Track’em was built to support the unique needs and challenges of construction and maintenance projects in difficult environments.

Rapid to deploy, easy to use

Standard processes ready to go “out of the box” and intuitive mobile applications designed to make your team more productive from day one.

Our support, your success

With local support we work with you to provide the planning, implementation and training services you need to be successful.

Asset Tracking

Built for your industry

Energy & Resources

Energy and Resources





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Track’em in the news.


If materials handling and control is important to your business, then Track’em is the right solution for you

Michael Holgate, John Holland

The advantages of Track’em are the time saved, the security of knowing that the product works and that you have a full handle of day to day materials. I will cer­tainly use Track’em again. I thoroughly recommend Track’em to people in construction and mining industry – it saves time and money.

Neil Tregae, Fortescue Metals Group

Track’em’s understanding of the project and work process of our project made for an extremely successful materials management system with reporting available in remote areas.

J. Jones - Site Engineer, John Holland

Track’em gave us the control to monitor fabricators’ progress accurately and in some cases more accurately than the fabricators themselves.

David Vinciguerra, Leighton Contractors

In the maze of construction permanent materials deliverables, find your way with Track’em. Innovation for the where and when of materials control. Track’em puts the “control” back in materials control.

Kevin Donaghy, UGL

Having used Track’em through Turnaround 211, I found the system very quick and easy to use. We got what we required to manage workforce hours efficiently. The Track’em on-site support are very knowledgeable, reliable, and readily available to assist with a range of workforce management issues.

Brett Hunter - Lead TA Rotating Equipment Coordinator, Chevron Australia

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