Automate your Stores

Digitise your check-in and check-out processes.
Stores and Bulk Consumables managed the way it should be.

Stores and bulk items

Run a tight ship on your stores.
Always re-order on time. Guaranteed.

Managing your bulk items and consumables the easy way.
Set min/max levels and never worry about lead times again.

Track all transactions. Reduce waste. Spend less time processing data.

Speed up stores management and easily generate reports, reduce waste and have control. Know when too much or too little is being used by whom.
  • Use your smartphone or scanner to see or update asset information.

  • Never run out of essentials by setting min/max levels, lead times and notifications for reordering.

  • Label and scan your items and let our system keep track of all check-ins, check-outs and transfers.

  • Speed up distribution and shorten queues.

  • Keep track of mobile stores including containers as they move from project to project and location to location.

PPE equipment

Running out of safety gear means work stops. Entirely.
We can’t have that.

Keep track of all your PPE equipment. Is someone using 5 safety glasses per week? We’ll let you know.
What you do with that information is up to you.

Track'em multiple devices

The biggest companies in the resource and construction industry choose Track’em!

Contact us today and find out how Track’em can benefit you on your projects.

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