Website Update!!!

We are excited to announce that our new website is up, ready and waiting for your next visit. So why visit…

Well, for starters if you are an energy, resources or asset intensive business, or help these kinds of companies with construction, shutdown or ongoing maintenance activities we can help you. The improvements in visibility, control and efficiency we are bringing to projects and operations at companies like BHP, Chevron and INPEX will be of interest to you.

If you only know “Track’em” as an Asset Tracking solution – then we need to change that! We have also been helping our customers with tracking their materials, stores, people productivity and rotable spares, not just assets.

If you want to track more than just location, you’ll want to find out more about our end-to-end tracking capabilities. Location tracking is great, but most of our customers also need to track the status, condition, custody, inspection and associated documentation of their resources. Track’em replaces spreadsheets, manual processes and paper forms with our mobile app and web dashboard. This allows you to track and capture all of this information into a single source of truth that is easily accessed by all stakeholders.

As an Australian business and innovation award winner, it was  exciting for us to fly the flag for local technology innovators at Microsoft’s Global Inspire conference in Washington (Watch Video). We are now working on an exciting innovation roadmap that leverages Microsoft’s IOT and Data platforms. We’ll be focusing this on driving operational insights for our customers in the resources and energy sectors to help them be more innovative and efficient.

Track’em helps you track everything you need to get the job done on time and budget. Please check out the website to get the complete picture of what Track’em can do for you and contact us directly if you would like to know more.