Still Using Spreadsheets?

When it comes to calculating data, you won’t find a more robust solution than spreadsheets, but when it comes to providing visibility and control, they can be difficult to manage.

Instead of mind-blurring columns, rows, text and numbers, you need visual indicators so at the glance of your screen, you can see key statistics and know if your project is on track.

Using  GPS,  barcode  and  RFID  technologies Track’em enables you to monitor your assets anytime, anywhere. All of your materials, plant, equipment and tools information can be viewed in one central location.

Track your assets in real-time via GPS or get periodic updates as they change status or location. Track’em allows you to view the location of your assets and materials on Google Maps. You can also add your own site map or aerial photo on top of the map to see exactly where your items are in your current infrastructure.

Track the status and location of all of your items across your custom workflow stages. Just choose one of the statuses and scan items against that status or through live real time satellite updates.

Track’em provides a wide range of standard and customised reports so you can view your data in a way that suits you. The dashboard is a dynamic interface; with one click you can begin connecting with the data, giving you the ability to take action with the most accurate, current information, without waiting for spreadsheets to be updated.

Our ease of use, rapid deployment, fast payback, industry specific functionality and flexible local support has made us a platform of choice for many of Australia’s leading construction, engineering, mining, oil & gas companies who have depended on us to track over 10 million items across 50 major projects.

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