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Project Description

Inpex Ichthys LNG Project

Client: Downer EDI

Owner: Inpex

Location: Darwin, Northern Territory

Project Value: $550 million

Track’em is helping Downer gain visibility of construction materials, and tools, PPE and consumables in their stores as they build the onsite power station. Keeping them out of spreadsheets, providing up to date information and a clear view of where things are to help keep the project on track.


  • Finding materials with the huge number of people onsite, and multiple lay down yards onsite and offsite, some belonging to the client and subcontractors
  • Having a reliable database to look into to issue materials in a timely manner
  • Being able to trace requests to prove a request was received that lead to an action being taken
  • Having a concise record where requests can be seen, in a consistent format, and being able to track progress
  • Providing visibility to the client using a different system


  • Track’em provided one clear consistent interface usable by everyone
  • Provided a reliable database, instead of spreadsheets, to track requests, track progress and everything onsite across all suppliers
  • Scanning eliminated the opportunity for data entry errors and discretionary data entry
  • Reporting provided a tool to demonstrate where issues are
  • Enabled up to date information to be shared with the client about what is onsite


  • Multiple spreadsheets were eliminated, everyone had the same information at the same time, communicating a single message
  • Consistency of data enabled Downer to operate more efficiently
  • Huge reduction in wasted effort, being able to expedite materials, knowing where they are and where they are needed
  • In the field, the team went from bundles of notes to a scanner, much more efficient and easy to use
  • Stocktakes able to be completed quickly. Track’em eliminated manual data entry and stocktake validation
  • Either able to deliver or provide visibility of why not
  • Able to provide transparency to the client and hence build trust with the client

“The implementation of Track’em meant we were able to trace requests, provide feedback, not forgot about information, and transition seamlessly to the next swing and see the data in real time, where we were at. There is no question, Track’em has increased our ability to deliver”

John Marks, Downer EDI

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