Project Description


Tracking Inspections

Getting ahead of asset maintenance.


A large Australian energy provider with 11 billion dollars in assets, operates a fleet of service vehicles carrying specialist tools and equipment.

These tools and equipment are subject to regular inspection schedules and maintenance programs. This is to ensure reliability, safety and continual compliance with Australian quality assurance standards.


  • 666 tools and equipment were tracked.
  • 584 inspection transactions were made.
  • Zero maintenance inspections were missed.
  • The time taken to process inspections workflow was reduced from days to hours.
  • 666 unique barcodes were used to easily identify the status, location, condition and custodian of each asset.
  • Double entry of data was a problem of the past.
  • All inspection data was now stored on a single centralised system.
  • Automated email notifications informed stakeholders of required maintenance.

“We needed a robust system informing us of
upcoming maintenenance.”

The Challenge

The client engaged Track’em to automate and streamline the inspection and maintenance process. The priority was to ensure all tools and equipment remained properly maintained, safe and compliant. All necessary maintenance had to be identified, communicated and completed prior to inspection dates.

Track’em implemented a tracking system with an intuitive dashboard, which flagged upcoming inspections to the relevant stakeholders. The client’s service technicians were then deployed to perform maintenance on the tools and equipment.

When completing a maintenance job, technicians simply scanned a barcode on the tool or equipment using the Track’em App. This automatically identified the asset, the location, the date/time and the technician performing the job.

“We had to get rid of the manual double entry of data into spreadsheets.”

The Solution

The technician could add additional inspection details via the app. These included condition details and supporting images. Subsequently, the system produced a full digital condition report.

Similarly, when external auditors performed their inspections, they scanned the same barcode, causing the app to report on the inspection outcome. Admin users in the office gained the ability to generate condition reports in just minutes – a process that previously took days when using spreadsheets.

The system also stored data related to all previous inspections. This gave the client detailed insight into all historical maintenance work, providing a way to investigate any discrepancies highlighted during audits.

“All the data was centralised and email notifications flagged upcoming inspections.”

Track’em project highlights

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