BHP Olympic Dam Shutdown

Client: UGL

Owner: BHP

Location: Olympic Dam, South Australia

Project Value: $350 million

During the largest ever planned shutdown, Track’em helped UGL track materials to support the BHP Olympic Dam Shutdown. With over 3000  people onsite and more than 350 material loads being delivered for the project, materials tracking was critical to maximising the downtime and keeping the project on schedule to get the mine back into production as planned.


  • Tracking more than 1 million items for one of the biggest shutdowns in Australia
  • Providing visibility between the procurement and project teams
  • Tracking Work Orders and Purchase Order status
  • Limited network connectivity on site to update information
  • Reducing time and resource wastage looking for materials across multiple lay down yards


  • Provided a secure cloud based tracking solution with a SQL server back end to track dozens of data points about more than 1 million items
  • Provided an online dashboard to track the status of Purchase Orders
  • Provided an offline mobile app so that users could update information in the field
  • Provided configured reporting which could be used to monitor progress and planning information
  • Provided a material requisition process to help onsite supervisors request the materials to do the job
  • Provide visibility of materials status for Work Orders which allowed supervisors to only request what was available onsite
  • Provided an easy to use import/export functionality to link the system with SAP


  • More than 1 million items were tracked within Track’em for more than 12 months
  • Daily use of the import/export tool to keep both Track’em and SAP updated
  • Tracked the progress of thousands of Purchase Orders and Work Orders
  • Users were successfully able to update all material movements onsite using the mobile application in the field
  • Thousands of request for materials were picked and delivered to the workfront
TBA, Planning & Controls Manager

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