Missing Materials, Projects Delayed?

Are missing materials causing your projects to be delayed?

Is time being wasted while people look for lost materials?

Are you over budget due to parts needing to be ordered or re ordered at short notice?

When you are responsible for making sure that the assets, equipment, materials, tools and people are where they need to be, when they need to be or in the right condition, there is a lot to track.

On complex projects, with dozens of stakeholders, across many locations and businesses, tracking becomes even more difficult often resulting in delays, overruns and non-compliance.

With spreadsheet control issues, core business systems being inflexible and expensive to adapt and the cost of adding more people to fix the problem, Track’em offers a better, easier and faster solution.

Track’em is a web based tracking solution for engineering, construction, mining, oil & gas and utilities companies to keep track of the location, status and condition of the assets, equipment, materials, tools and people needed to keep your project on time.

Our platform allows you to pick the tracking technology that suits your requirements.  Whether it is barcodes, GPS devices, or RFID, we allow you to capture the information from these technologies into our platform, augment it with your business data and processes and give you the visibility, control and ability to act so that you can meet your operational, financial and reputational goals.

Within seconds the system can tell you where your assets are, so you don’t waste time looking for lost or misplaced items and save on re ordering and delay costs.


“If materials handling and control is important to your business, then Track’em is the right solution for you” Michael Holgate, Planning and Controls Manager – John Holland


We have helped track over 10 million items over 50 different projects (and counting…). If you’d like to know how Track’em can help you find what you are looking for simply fill in the form below and one of our Track’em specialists will be in-touch, or call us on 1300 897 610.