Track’em Addresses Global IoT Demand

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Track’em Addresses Global IoT Demand

Track’em’s asset and productivity tracking solutions, which won the 2015 Western Australia Innovator of the Year award, are taking the next evolutionary step through Internet of Things (IoT) integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub.

Track’em’s suite of software solutions enables businesses to track and manage assets, people and productivity. With visibility into asset use, location and condition, businesses can leverage critical asset information to improve productivity and enhance efficiency.

Track’em’s systems already provide tracking and analytics functionality, but our next generation of products are due for a major upgrade with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub integration.

IoT is transforming the way we live as more and more devices become smarter and data is being collected and analysed across multiple industries.

The Track’em IoT solutions will deliver more powerful data collection and analytics capabilities, and pull together multiple solutions with the added enterprise-grade security of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub will enable Track’em solutions to collect and analyse data in the centralised cloud service, both in real-time and overtime to identify patterns to enable critical business decisions.

Real time telemetry will provide immediate visibility into resources and allow two-way communication between devices and the cloud.

This is an exciting step forward for Track’em ahead of its next phase of raising growth capital.

“Track’em is about empowering business with the right information to help make them more efficient,” said Track’em CEO Kashif Saleem. “The IoT market is growing strongly and the next generations of Track’em products are being designed to embrace this more powerful and innovative technology. Most importantly, these improvements will meet client requirements and their operational needs.”

Saleem continued, “Track’em has consistently delivered a positive rate of return for it clients. Now, with the added features of the Azure IoT Hub, we expect to deliver even greater value and scalability. Azure, with its technical and development support, make it the obvious choice for our development platform”.


“In today’s environment, visibility of assets and resources is important to improve productivity and create efficiencies.” said Sam George, Director, Microsoft Azure IoT at Microsoft “We are pleased to see Track’em and its customers benefit from the global scale and analytics capabilities of the Azure IoT Suite.”


About Track’em

Track’em provides complete end-to-end tracking solutions, which includes Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), hardware integration, and ongoing support. Track’em products and services have been used by more than 10,000 enterprise users to track and manage more than 3 million items across the globe.

Track’em is headquartered in Perth, Australia with offices and agents in Singapore, USA, Middle East and South Africa.

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