Stores & Warehouse Management

Store’em is a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use stores management solution available in both batch (offline) and real-time (online) versions. Benefits of the Store’em system include improved inventory accuracy, increased labour productivity, and better project delivery.

Store’em includes advanced stores and warehouse management capabilities, including receiving and issuing materials, stock reports and min/max notifications. Store’em was designed with scalability in mind. Microsoft® SQL Server support means that you can comfortably handle hundreds of users and tens of thousands of items with excellent response time.

Store’em was developed with the latest Microsoft® development tools, assuring compatibility with almost any system.

  1. Bar-coding Assets
  2. GPS Tracking
  3. RFID Tracking of Tools
  4. Import/Export
  5. Warehouse Management
  6. Asset Management
  7. Maintenance Module
  8. Flexible and Customization
  9. Online
  10. Offline (No Network Sites)
  11. Mobile Application
  12. Track PPE & Small Tools