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So what can Track’em do for you?

Want more control and visibility?

Track’em  gives you the solutions you need to get absolute control and supply chain visibility over your resources.

Effective asset management can have a direct and significant impact on construction and resource industries such as reducing operating costs, avoiding project delays and ultimately improving business profitability.
With materials and labour counting for the majority of costs in projects, the need for a powerful asset management software is a necessity rather than a luxury. With increasing pressure to maximise returns having an efficient asset tracking system in place not only lets companies track their resources, but it also lets them manage the who, what, where and when aspects of the assets- all at the click of a button.

Trackem can ultimately improve business profitability by increasing operational efficiencies and reducing operating expenses.


  1. Increased operational efficiency.
  2. Reduced  manual data entry errors through scanning asset information directly.
  3. Higher asset utilisation- improved flow of materials and resources.
  4. Reduced rework- find your assets first time, every time within seconds.
  5. Avoid project delays (and penalties!).
  6. Reduced operating expenses and reduced maintenance costs.
  7. Get visual status of your project via the 3D models using the NavisWorks plugin feature. Produce 3D models, colour coded according to the status of the items on your project.
  8. Effective and accurate planning and progress reporting via the inbuilt planning and fabrication tracking module.
  9. Improved Occupational Health and Safety.
  10. Data capture and intelligence- synchronise information across different departments (eg finance and procurement)
  11. Real time visibility and reporting- accurate and timely reports at the press of a button.
  12. Easy integration with existing ERP systems.

 In addition we offer

  1. Fast installation
  2. Turnkey or customised solutions
  3. Ongoing training and excellent support
  4. The best price

Working on solutions for you.

Every industry is different and every client is different. We get that.
Trackem can be tailored and customised to your specific needs.
If you need extra fields, customised reports or additional features – just ask.