Webinar: THE HARD TRUTH: Tracking Technology & IoT Explained2019-11-18T12:25:10+08:00


Tracking Technology & IoT Explained

For Construction, Mining, Oil and Gas

About this webinar

During the 45-minute webinar, we’ll take you through the different IoT tracking technologies commonly used in construction, mining, oil and gas projects. We’ll explain the differences and typical applications of RFID, GPS, barcodes and other technologies. You’ll also learn about the benefits, limitations and misconceptions that exist. We’ll elaborate on which solution is most applicable for tracking tools, materials, parts, consumables, plant and equipment and best practices.

Webinar start times

Perth – 10:30am
Darwin – 12:00pm
Brisbane – 12:30pm
Adelaide – 1:00pm
Sydney – 1:30pm
Melbourne – 1:30pm


Mark Petersen

Mark Petersen
Operations Manager – Track’em

Mark has years of experience with tracking assets and materials on large construction and maintenance projects. In previous roles, Mark worked as Material Controller and Warehouse Manager on some of Australia’s most complex mining and LNG projects. This meant he was dealing with the stress and chaos of inefficiencies in the supply chain on a daily basis. It was this experience that led him on the path of tracking technology; and for the last 5 years, he’s been implementing effective solutions tracking tens of thousands of items.

At Track’em, he’s responsible for developing the systems and making sure the latest technology can be utilised to solve tracking challenges across the globe.

Patrick Connolly
Account Manager – Track’em

Patrick has many years experience providing software solutions to businesses. As Business development manager he is responsible for driving the growth of Track’em as well as supporting our existing customers in achieving the best possible outcomes.