Kashif Saleem

CEO / Founder

Giving up all the certainty and familiarity of his home country, Kashif boldly chose the unknown (aka Australia) for his future. Our CEO and founder is a rare combination of humility, passion and bold belief.

He has Bachelor Degree’s in Commerce & Business Information Systems along with an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration. Working on mine sites as an IT support technician, colleagues would regularly mention the loss and theft of materials. This sparked his ‘light-bulb’ moment to develop Track’em, a unique materials management method that uses GPS, RFID and barcode for materials tracking. In his ‘spare time’ he also managed to have a family (aside from us, of course).

We all agree that as a boss, Kashif is a great leader, patient, inspiring and a solutions man. Having started the company in 2006, we are still waiting for him to take a day off (even half a day, Kashif, would be a solid start).

Kashif and his Track’em suite of Software continues to gather exciting momentum, becoming more and more relied upon, as a solid solution in project controls. He attributes this to his teams ability to focus on solving problems- not building products. He has won great recognition both personally and professionally. However his talents don’t stop there; aside from his patented Track’em System and successful company he has a flare for graphic design, has authored a “SharePoint User Guide (2011 & 2014)” and starred in the lead role of a short film (I, mean, haven’t we all though!)

While the above is all very admirable and impressive, we like him most, because he often buys us lunch.

Amna Hansia

Office Manager

Despite being the actual author of the name “Track’em” Amna has spent 14 years quietly championing the company, from a distance as both friend and supporter. Happily for us though, she is now officially one of the team as our Office Manager.

With over 18 years experience in supporting senior management she thrives on an exhausting list of duties. Working on anything from corporate restructuring, research, policies, HR  to administration, she works hard behind the scenes to ensure the company functions smoothly. To keep her motivated and inspired we dangle (just out of her reach); Chocolate, Bubble Tea and pictures of her beautiful little daughter (and no, we don’t think it’s mean to do it).

As her colleagues we love; her bubbly personality, ability to see all points of view and willingness to help. We rely on her intelligence, efficiency and caring nature.




Mark Petersen

Operations Manager

Our wildly charismatic, South African born Operations Manager Mark, is part man, part skyscraper. Lets perhaps call him “LandMark” instead? His relationship with Track’em has been as well rounded as it gets, putting him in the perfect position to understand all viewpoints and be a remarkable asset to the team and our clients.

As a Materials Controller on an Oil & Gas Project using the Track’em System, Mark was impressed by the greater visibility, control of materials and using technology to resolve these ongoing construction issues. When the opportunity arose, he was keen to become a part of the solution. Once on-board, he spent time as an onsite consultant, from which he quickly moved into the WA Implementation Manager role & now, with a thorough understanding of onsite challenges, he is our Operations Manager.

He loves brainstorming new ways of using Track’em to resolve issues presented by both existing clients and our future ones. If it was possible to use Track’em on the Volleyball Court, which is his other passion, he would have done that also, but for now, he still plays it (a lot!) the old fashion way.




Ritesh Hingorani

Software Ninjaneer

Someone once said ‘A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street’. Ritesh looks twice. Our resident tech-guru builds, enhances and maintains our internal and external facing web and mobile applications. If he’s not busy generating ideas or bouncing them off other team-mates, Ritesh is normally ‘in-the-zone’ passionately doing his techno-magic.

Don’t be fooled by his calm, cool exterior though- he is a coding machine and is yet to be defeated by any technical issue thrown his way (we’ve learnt that ‘hard’ has a different meaning for Ritesh!). He is a real team-player, problem solver and all round nice guy.



Bernard Cousin

Senior Business Analyst

Our other resident volleyball-pro Bernard is also our Senior Business Analyst , methodology specialist and mentor with over 30 years of experience driving the development life cycle for best-in-class IT solutions in the Utilities, Telecommunications, Oil, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing sectors.

If he’s not knee-deep evaluating and assessing client business needs you might just be able to catch him over a cup of coffee. We recommend a cappuccino, one sugar with a side of scotch finger biscuits.

Bernard possesses strong analytical and problem solving skills with experience working in Waterfall and Agile (SCRUM) software development life cycle, and hands-on expertise on various tools and techniques used in the area of business case development, data conversion, data warehouse and benefits management.