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Track’em has worked closely with industry leaders to help manage, control and optimise returns on the management of their assets and resources.

Our solutions address the entire value chain of your resources – from asset fabrication, productions, dispatch, installation and maintenance to personnel attendance and work-pack management.

Track’em provides you high-end enterprise solutions using Barcode, RFID and GPS technologies. We provide material control, quality control, progress control and time control systems to give you complete visibility over your resources.

Our complete solutions provide everything you need including:

  1. People (Training & Ongoing Support),
  2. Software (All the required software) and
  3. Hardware (RFID Tags, Barcode Tags, GPS Tags, Scanners etc.)

We provide tracking solutions
for medium to large enterprises
to deliver absolute control and supply chain visibility
by using Barcode, RFID and GPS Technologies

What we believe?

We believe
Most businesses worldwide have far more potential to improve their triple bottom line (people, planet and profit), than they are currently achieving.

We believe
Maximum potential is achieved by demanding absolute control over ‘your resources’.

We believe
Most businesses can achieve double digit improvements in a few months if they implement the right systems.

Track’em provides a complete range of tracking solutions for your resources

Our flagship product ‘Track’em’ uses a unique combination of RFID, barcode and GPS technologies. Track’em provides 24/7 monitoring for each asset that leaves the manufacturer, is in the delivery process, is stored and used on site.

Developed and perfected ‘on site’ during the delivery of many mega-projects, Track’em responds to real-world challenges in the field and delivers the right information to the right people, right away.

It allows users to get up to date information on an item including ‘where’ it is, ‘when’ the item was last scanned, ‘where’ it was scanned and ‘who’ scanned it. Within seconds the system can tell you where your assets are so you don’t waste time looking for items and ultimately save on re-ordering and material losses.

Track’em also allows you to access customised reports on the status of your project from anywhere, anytime on any device (PC/Laptop/Smart Phones/Tablets). You can also visualise your projects status via the 3D model using Track’em 3D Plugins.

Track’em’s suite of software solutions cut through complexity and deliver the information you need on your assets within seconds.

Trusted by the leaders

Our Clients and Projects

We have experience serving local and global businesses in over 40 projects, tracking over 4 million items.

Key Stats


Australia, UK, USA and Saudi Arabia


Constructions, Operations & Shutdowns

4,000,000 +

Tracked around the world


Experience in asset tracking

You can choose a Track’em solution for your specific requirements

By industry


Heavy Industries


Oil & Gas

You can choose a Track’em solution for your specific requirements

By need

Track assets for your maintenance & shutdowns

Track assets for your construction projects

Track assets during your operation phase

Track assets to manage your supply chain


You can feel assured knowing Track’em is backed by 24/7 support and customised training.


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