Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Transport’em is a complete Supply Chain/Fleet Management tool for contractors/transporters and site owners to plan movements.  It allows customers to upload and record the latest updates and information relating to shipping units including trucks, containers or flat racks. This information is available throughout the lifecycle of the shipping unit, using a secure web based system.

Transport information includes Vehicle Reg No, Load No, MMT No, Driver Name, Supplier, Dispatched Date, Expected Received Date, Area, Dispatched by, GPS Location, GPS update date, Manifest No, Description, Comments etc. This information can be used operationally to prioritize and forecast allocation of drivers and vehicles.

The records can be created manually or automatically through a 1-Stop data import. When information relating to a voyage or load is updated, the data becomes available over the web in real time. The transport module can be setup so that multiple sub-contractors can login and access their information. By managing data centrally it minimises the risk of allocating equipment to jobs with out of date information and helps in effectively forecasting and planning logistics activities.

  1. Logistic Management
  2. Supply Chain Management
  3. Fleet Management
  4. Live GPS Tracking
  5. Web Based
  6. Bulk Import
  7. Ease of Data Entry
  8. Vehicle and Container Tracking
  9. Contractor View
  10. Customizable
  11. Google Map Integration
  12. Asset Tracking