Time & Attendance and Work Pack Tracking

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily record who is onsite and who is not without using spread sheets or manual entry? What if you can use the same staff card for time and attendance and the same card for stores to check in and out Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), tools and consumables? What if you can use a Time and Attendance system when there is no internet?

In addition what if the same system could record actual hours spent on each Work Pack or on each job? What if you can get actual data for your Quantity Man-Hour Report (QMR)?
With Time’em, all of this is possible. It provides a complete solution for streamlining project management for time/attendance and work pack/job tracking.

  1. Time & Attendance
  2. Work-Pack Tracking
  3. Job Tracking
  4. Sign In/ Sign Out
  5. Bar-Code Staff Cards
  6. Assign Work-Packs
  7. Reports in PDF/XLS
  8. Option to link to QMR (Quantity Man-Hour Report)
  9. Online
  10. Offline (No Network Sites)
  11. Mobile Application
  12. Link to Store’em (Inventory/Stores Management)