Another beneficiary of the mining boom, the engineering industry has seen steady growth with revenue expected of $41.2 billion in 2014/2015. (3) The engineering construction sector recorded a compound annual growth rate of about 36 per cent over the decade to 2014. (2)
While engineering construction is forecast to turn down in response to reduced work levels in various key project areas, the industry is forecasted to increase revenue by an annualised 2% over the 2019-2020 period.
The total value of work is expected to remain high due to a still sizable engineering pipeline in the commercial and industrial sector and anticipated government investment in infrastructure projects (3)
The total value of engineering construction projects outstanding is estimated at almost $104 billion in the June 2014 quarter. (2)


Some of our Clients in the Engineering Industry include:

  • Clough
  • Worley Parsons
  • Downer Engineering

Case Study

John Holland

Barcode and GPS Tracking to Monitor and Manage Materials for Construction Site
Country or Region: Australia

As the largest contracting business in Australia, John Holland manages over 120 projects and 8,000 team members. John Holland was contracted to increase capacity from 30Mtpa to 53Mtpa at the NCIG coal terminal export facility at Kooragang Island, NSW. With over 70% of the material being fabricated from Thailand and the remaining 30% spread at Fabricators across Australia, a well-designed Material Tracking and Management solution was essential to meet the complex and time-intensive construction program. John Holland had already been involved in the previous stage and this was the final expansion planned.

With vast, multiple and remote laydown yards, John Holland needed a solution that would update material information from the field in real time. The project also required progress tracking on specific milestones.
John Holland chose Trackem to effectively monitor and manage project materials having used it successfully on the previous stage of the project.

With construction occurring across 34 different work fronts, the Trackem solutions allowed users to accurately gather information by using barcode scanners and GPS receivers, eliminating data entry errors in the field.
Track’em also integrated with Google & Bing Maps to determine the precise location of items and where they were last scanned.
Benefits of Track’em to this project
• Speed and accuracy of materials reporting
• Mobile application which is not reliant on network
• Efficient and seamless integration
• Accessibility of reports anywhere anytime
• Ability to trace and track material movement


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