Construction & Heavy Industries

The non-building construction market in Australia has seen robust expansion in the last decade due to surging demand driven by investment in resource developments and robust public investment in roads, telecommunications and infrastructure (4) This has contributed to an accelerated expansion in industry revenue by an annualised 8.2% over the past five years to total $62.5 billion. (4)
Total private capital expenditure in the sector is expected to decrease in the coming year as some major resource projects slow down however, the extent of the industry’s downturn will be moderated by continued growth in telecommunications investment, firmer commercial construction activity and a pick-up in transport infrastructure construction. The decline is also expected to be partially offset by the NBN network investment which is forecast to drive solid growth of 10.7% in telecommunications infrastructure, and growth in transport infrastructure of 8.8%p.a. (5)


Some of our clients and projects in the Construction Industry include:

  • Leightons Contractors
  • Monodelphous
  • United Group
  • John Holland


Case Study
John Holland

Barcode and GPS Tracking to Monitor and Manage Materials for Construction Site
Country or Region: Queensland, Australia

John Holland is one of Australia’s leading engineering, contracting and services providers to the infrastructure, energy and resources and transport services sectors. The company was awarded the contract for construction of the Columboola to Wandoan South Transmission Line project in southwest Queensland on behalf of Powerlink.
John Holland explored several different possible solutions for managing materials, and concluded that Track’em, was a single resource that would meet all material management requirements, including software, hardware, consumables, support, and training.
Over the course of the project Track’em tracked and managed thousands of items including 2764 tons of structural steel for construction of 144 towers and 26 mono poles across a distance of 75km.

Track’em, delivered a reliable and robust material tracking system to effectively monitor and manage project materials in a paperless environment through integration with existing systems.

Key Benefits of Track’em to this project
• Speed and accuracy of materials reporting
• Mobile application which is not reliant on network
• Efficient and seamless integration
• Accessibility of reports anywhere anytime

(4) = IBISWorld Industry Report E3109- Heavy industry and other non-building construction in Australia
(5) = Ai Group/ACA Construction Outlook Report- May 2014